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terms and conditions

SJM sets out all dates, times, prices, show dates and as much relevant information upfront prior to weekly class terms/holiday camps. In the event that students do not attend the required dates/times, then SJM has the option to ask them to step out of shows/rehearsal. 


We are passionate about creating a professional environment that firstly shows respect for your fellow performers and commitment to the show/classes that have been signed up for.


Once a space is confirmed by SJM then full payment of that place is required regardless of whether classes are missed or students don't complete a term of weekly classes/day of a holiday camp. 

If you require a payment plan or monthly instalment payments, please let us know. We encourage everyone to use this if required. We will help confirm a payment plan that works for you. 


We have an admin phone that can be used to contact over holiday camp weeks, during rehearsal/show weeks and over weekly class times. We encourage parents/students to keep in contact with us. The office number should be used within reason and not used at unsuitable hours. We also ask that any concerns/complaints/queries are noted in an email and sent to our email and not directed through our phone/text/whatsapp system. We want to have time to respond to all enquiries and will happily set up a phone call conversation after this if required.


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