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Summer Camp: Late Pick Up

We are happy to announce that over this years performance summer holiday camps - we will be offering a LATE PICK UP.

What this means for parents is that there is the option to pick up at 5.00pm, rather than the regular 3.00pm.

This will run over all our summer camps from Monday to Thursday.

The cost is £5.00 per child per day*

*Note that you cannot pay half for 1 hour etc - it is £5.00 for late check, which covers the child until 5.00pm.

Full Booking Information will be sent out to everyone that has signed up for our camps nearer the time.

- Our Complimentary Early Drop off is still available from 9.00am each morning.

- This is running over summer and we cannot guarantee we will run this service over our October 2019 Camp.

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