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Our 5 INCREDIBLE casts have been working hard rehearsing THREE BRAND NEW SHOWS.  This December we will be LIVE STREAMING each performance.  This means - YOU can stay at home and watch our cast LIVE as THEY perform at our venue. As they say: It'll be LIGHTS, CAMERA & ACTION!

TICKET PRICE Tickets are £5.00 per person per performance. If more than 1 person is viewing from the same household, we ask that a ticket is purchased for each person watching each show.

The reason for asking everyone to pay is we are still treating each show like a live performance; lights, sound, costume. The only difference is that an audience won't be in the theatre space, but watching from home.

Our costs remain the same as if we had a live audience in the theatre with us.

A link will be sent to each email address with the SHOW LINK, on the day of the performance. This link should not be shared on any social media channels or with anyone who has not purchased a ticket. TICKET SALES WILL STOP FOR ALL SHOWS AT 12 NOON ON FRIDAY 11TH DECEMBER.

This gives us admin time to process all tickets and assign links to everyone accordingly.

SHOW DESCRIPTIONS Into The Winter Woods: This original piece based around the Sondheim musical classic, mixed with the Brothers Grimm beloved style of fairytale storytelling. This tale follows the famous and classic characters of the traditional fairytales - while adding the usual SJM mix to an already delicious spellbinding production. Snow Qween: This show sashays its way forward with this completely reworked version of the Snow Queen. Whatever you knew of the Snow Queen before - forget it - this is a BRAND new version. There may be a chill in the air - it could also be the smell of school spirit. Think Pitch Perfect meets Mean Girls - this is a Sass and Snap production. Actually, Love!: Our take on the famous, Love Actually: except in our world premiere version it gets dragged to the year 2020 and gets given a Scottish spin. This beautiful Love Story will be given the SJM treatment. What happens when life moves online and interacting online is the only option for some people? Tales are made from behind the screen, but all will be revealed when meeting face to face. PERFORMANCE DATES & TIMES Show 1: Into The Winter Woods (RED Cast) FRIDAY 11TH DECEMBER @ 6.00pm (roughly 60 minutes) Show 2: Snow Qween FRIDAY 11TH DECEMBER @ 8.00pm (roughly 60 minutes) Show 3: Into The Winter Woods (BLUE Cast) SATURDY 12TH DECEMBER @ 4.00pm (roughly 60 minutes) Show 4: Actually Love (RED Cast) SATURDAY 12TH DECEMBER @ 6.00pm (roughly 60 minutes) Show 5: Actually Love (BLUE Cast) SATURDAY 12TH DECEMBER @ 8.00pm (roughly 60 minutes)

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