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SJM was established in 2015 and started as a performance holiday camp. Setting up home in Marchmont, the school grew from strength to strength over the years and soon started weekly classes. Over the pandemic we turned our classes and rehearsals online and even worked on a movie of WWRY, which was filmed over 50 houses.


Post pandemic we were one of the 1st companies to run a social distanced performance in a theatre environment and we have continued to expand and challenge ourselves since then. 

As a performance academy we look to give our students the opportunity to perform in different spaces from Marchmont St Giles, Assembly Roxy, Scottish Storytelling Centre to Church Hill Theate.


The aim of SJM and the main ethos is 'to give students a place to grow and develop in a safe and supportive environment.' This still stands today and will continue to be the reason we operate and strive to be the best we can be. 

As we move forward we have plans to continue yearly holiday camps that have SOLD OUT for 4 years running.


We will be expanding our offering over the school holidays and looking to reach a wider and older cast base. Our weekly classes will work towards full scale productions that give them the chance to support each other, but also challenge themselves in their individual groups. 


Let’s Work Together

3 Kilgraston Road, 



Tel: 07912516864

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