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A Stagey & Proud Production 2023 

Thank you for joining us for today's performance. We are excited to share with you around 6 months of hard work. Our groups meet for 90 minutes per week so what they have established in that time is PHENOMENAL. You are all in for a great show. 

We aim to make sure that everyone feels included at SJM. Today you will see half of our casts perform in speaking roles. The other half will perform on other performance days - meaning that ALL our students have something to say.

They all perform in their class dance numbers and musical theatre numbers, with some classes collaborating with other groups, showing the diverse talent and supportive family we have at SJM. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy the 3 hour STAGEY experience. Make sure you order a DVD of the Fri or Sat performance and make sure you give all the classes a big clap and cheer throughout the show.

- Stephen Graham-Martin, SJM Director 

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